In 2016, the students of Ridley High School established a non-profit store to sell apparel and other merchandise to their peers, faculty, staff and the community. Profits from the store help to support Ridley's Future Business Leaders of America club, Ridley Families in Need and the Ridley Educational Foundation.

The school store is open Monday through Friday during student and faculty lunches. Throughout the school year, The Locker will hold special events outside of school hours to allow community members to come in and support our store.

Student Employees:

Abimbola Arijaje, Billy Bair, Rodrigo Corbo-Ortega, Gisele Glover, Azeria Hazel-Bogan, Nick Kain, Allie Licciardello, Nikki Naumowich, Aidan O'Neill, Jenna Prum, Jake Shaak, Timmy Signs, Abby Smeltzer, Vyona Sovann, Chase Staley, Skylar Sweeney, Donovan Washington


Mrs. Kristin Milewski, Mrs. Kristina Rosato

School Store Alumni: